WFH – Guidance Pricing Details

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WFH – Guidance Pricing Details

Vibrant Ace VA is not an employment agency for work from home projects.
Vibrant Ace VA is not a virtual staffing agency for those in need of virtual staff


It has been our (may be yours too) observation that free advice is often abused. Our earlier efforts to guide aspiring work from home enthusiasts were disturbing. Our time and efforts were abused time and again, by showing utter disregard for our advice on the ways of freelance work from home job boards.

Hence, we have decided to make this a paid service, so as to weed out not-so-committed individuals, saving our time and energy for the genuinely committed minds. We are more than happy to assist such individuals.


Your email/contact info / CV will not be share with anyone else without your consent/

*Conditions Apply,

  1. You Agree to share your CV with Vibrant Ace VA for evaluation
  2. The Profile / CV Evaluation by Vibrant Ace VA means, suggestions to reformat your CV will be provided, wherein it will be YOUR responsibility to actually make changes in the document. This is to ensure that YOU are aware of YOUR SALEABLE SKILLS in the online-market-place.
  3. Same goes for “Building your online presence”. Ongoing suggessions, and recommendations will be given for a period of One Month.
  4. We will assist you on the ways of online-marketplaces and guide you to locate job postings.
  5. It is YOUR responsibility to actually locate the job to apply to.
  6. Although we are willing to help in step-by-step manner in presenting your application to a prospective client, Vibrant ACE VA will not apply on your behalf.
  7. Vibrant Ace VA does not take responsibility if the potential client chooses someone over you. There shall be no refund.

WFH – Guidance Payment  Schedule

As someone who is trying to understand how things work in an virtual marketplace, we understand your apprehension to signup for paid service right away. So as a goodwill gesture to gain your trust and confidence ( & also to weed out people looking for free advice ) we propose the following options for you to consider

  1. Responding to the questionnaire & Submitting your CV is absolutely free.
  2. However, to get a personalized evaluation on your Responses & CV, you are required to start with the Self Starter Plan
  3. From here-on, all plans can be upgraded by paying up the difference.
  4. This means, you sign-up for the upgrade only after being completely satisfied with the low cost plan.
  5. For those who trust Virtual Ace VA already, feel free to sign up for the plan of your choice.
The Payment Schedule for all Paid plans will be thus
–You may choose to pay the complete amount in one-go, (OR) —-
  •  25% upfront is paid soon after submitting your CV.
  • 25% upon receiving the 1st revsion on your CV.
  •  25% after the next phase (OR) Balance amount , which ever comes first.
  • Difference amount for upgrades are payable in full.
  • Skype calls are payable in Advance (or) within 2  hrs of completing the call.