Do You Have A Productivity Checklist?

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productivity checklistWhen you have to undertake a project there is so much that has to go into making it successful, the foremost being having a team of individuals with the right skills, who can identify with your vision and objectives. The key factor for success is getting the highest productivity from your team so that the project is completed on time, within budget, and its results exceed expectations. How do you come up with the winning productivity checklist to make this happen?

A productivity checklist gives a bird’s eye view of all that needs to be addressed as part of project management so that expected outcomes are achieved. Here is a look at the top items in a productivity checklist that must be checked to enhance work productivity, minimize cost, and shorten time to deliver:

Build A Team Of Skilled People

Top priority on your productivity checklist is building a team that gets results. This means finding talented and qualified people who can give professional results. Once you form such a team, you have to inform them about mini-max outcomes so that they know the levels of commitment or output expected by you from each of them.

Have A Good Plan In Place

Second to building a good team is having an excellent plan in place to implement the project. The best plans are the ones that look into risks, make use of innovative techniques to carry out work quickly and efficiently, and which set practical milestones that team members can adhere to.

Good Time Management 

It is how well you manage time that makes your project a success or a failure. The best teams and optimal plans can work only when time management is carried out efficiently. This means focusing on schedules, priorities, and solving delays rightaway so that your team completes work on time.

Transparency In Work Processes 

While getting status updates and email reports on work progress is important, you should also have a system in place by which you can see for yourself what is happening. This transparency-in-work process can be implemented through software applications that show group chats, progress reports for a group at any point of time, information updates, etc. If you find any issue that needs to be addressed by using such tools you can do it right away.

Effective Communication 

While it is important to build a team of skilled people, it is also important to check on how well each member communicates. Effective communication can come about only when you have team members with the right maturity level. They must have a personality that is apt for the project that you are undertaking, only then will you have team members who communicate when required, bring out details accurately, and complete project activities successfully. You can add to this environment by implementing trust-building measures, listening to team member’s problems, and balancing team priorities which results in better cooperation and communication between them.

Show Appreciation 

While giving financial rewards is vital, it is equally important to show appreciation. When you find that results are according to expectations, it is the right time to show appreciation for the team’s hard work. This boosts morale and motivates team members to be more productive.

Good Follow Up

After you have completed a task, follow up on it to check results and feedback. Examine the outcomes and incorporate lessons learnt to introduce better work processes and ideas that will increase productivity. This follow up is essential for all teams in the organization such as work team, accounts team, sales team, etc., because it helps to fine tune work processes which results in greater efficiency.

Use Latest Tools 

Work productivity can be hampered when you have outdated work processes. Replace old systems with advanced models to bring in higher speed and efficiency. While this might be an initial cost it will bring good returns. By doing a thorough research, you can find the best work tools that enhance work productivity but which do not cost much.


Infusing better ideas can cut down time spent in work and enables team members to deliver more. Have a brainstorm session once in a while so that team members come up with ideas or solutions on problems that they face in their daily work tasks. This enhances communication and helps team members to tackle problems better.

By following a good productivity checklist, you will build a productive team that makes use of advanced work tools and which enjoys good communication and cooperation. The result of this is excellent productivity that helps achieve business objectives on time and brings quality work output.

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