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I started out as a Virtual Assistant in 2010. When I started working on the freelancing sites like oDesk and Elance, I assumed that I’m an employee and I really didn’t know what did the term Virtual Assistant mean. Then I came across “Virtual Assistant Forums” – A Virtual Networking site for aspiring and well established virtual assistants/virtual business owners where you can find resources, gain knowledge and ideas, share your virtual work experiences, ask questions, show your expertise and more than anything a strong shoulder to support you, when you feel down. Thus, when I started reading this website, I found my passion. I consider myself a lucky person to have come across this great networking site, because I have gained a lot from this forum and I would always be grateful to it.


I’m extremely happy and I thank Virtual Assistant Forums for giving me an opportunity to review The Professional New Client Welcome Packet. I believe this would be a perfect must-have product for aspiring virtual assistants. I feel, as a new virtual assistant, it helped me put forward my virtual business in a more organized way and present myself as a Professional Virtual Entrepreneur. Virtual Assistant Forum has some great points and tips in creating a Professional New Client Welcome Packet.


This welcome packet has systematic instructions on how to create a unique welcome packet for each client. You can amend this Professional New Client Welcome Packet for your new clients, prospective clients and warm leads. You will also find sample templates for creating a Welcome Letter, contracts and other forms. Every Virtual Assistant has a concern whether this product will benefit her/his business and the concern is obvious. The benefits of this welcome packet are immense. It helps you create a professional image of your business when a (prospective) client reads your welcome packet. It also helps you put your work style, practices and policies in front of the client when you’re not comfortable communicating about it with your client in a face-to-face or in an online conversation.


In today’s busy life, no person has enough time to know about your (additional) services. It’s a perfect place where you can also mention your additional services, info products or anything that interests your (prospective) client. This welcome packet also acts like a first voice of your Virtual Business and you will become confident when the client learns about your business and products in simple steps. Overall, this product is awesome and I am so grateful to receive a complimentary copy of this product for making a review.

Note : I don’t receive any type of compensation (other than a complimentary copy) for reviewing this product.


  1. Jessie, thank you so much for taking the time to read through and review the guide! We’re thrilled to know that you found it useful and recommend it so highly!


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