How To Use Google+ Hangouts To Promote Your Small Business?

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Initially, Google+ took its time to gain market of the social networking sites, and with time, it is proven to be a great option for small businesses to grow in the social arena. Google+ has grown gigantically, and there are many tools that can help your small business in varied ways. One such tool from Google+ that’s worthy of your attention is Hangouts. Many people use this feature to reach friends and people they know, but you can actually use it in favor of your business. Here are some quick tips to promote your business with Google+ Hangouts.

  1. Start comprehensive market research: When you are willing to know what your actual customers want, you can invite them to Hangouts and start discussing thing. Ask them about their views on products and services, and even you can check if they actually follow the happenings of your company.

  2. Conduct meetings easily: There is the option of conference calling on Hangouts, which can be great way to conduct meetings. Don’t forget the fact that actual meetings with clients can be really expensive as it involves time and money in equal amount. Virtual meetings with up to nine people are possible at almost no cost of yours. What else do you need to save money in your small business?

  3. Get going with employees and coworkers: When you undertake meetings with employees, it’s often not easy for them to open up with you. With Google+ Hangouts, you can start talking to employees and coworkers in an informal manner. Think of Google+, and they will get a huge platform and share their ideas on improving and bettering the business prospects.

  4. Get easy customer feedback: While it is essential to know what your customers expect from you, it is equally important that you take feedback on your services and products that are already in the market. As an incentive of participating in these Hangouts sessions, you can offer certain offers or coupons to customers.

  5. Announce the things that matter: There are times when you would want customers and peers to know about your business updates, and what can be a better way to update than Google+ Hangouts. You can update change in your business timings or can even announce the launch of a product line or a new website or outlet. This can help your small business save a large part of the marketing expenses.

Not to forget, Google+ Hangouts will have the On-Air feature that will allow you to reach a large section of your customers. You can opt for live streaming of the business Hangout on YouTube. You can save the same and edit it in your account when you need. As such, your customers can later on check the videos, even if, they miss it in live streaming. Small businesses can use Google+ in their favor in many ways, and probably that’s one of the few reasons why businesses prefer Google+ over Facebook. Make the most of this fast growing social networking option from Google.

Photo credit : Flickr