Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant Over a Virtual Employee?

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Well, everyone thinks the term Virtual Assistant and the Virtual Employee, are same, but they’re not. If you do not know the difference between these two read my post further….

A Virtual Assistant is an independent business owner who runs her/his virtual assistant business and provides services to her/his clients worldwide. She/he is responsible for her/his own equipments, expenses, taxes and benefits. Where as a virtual employee is still your own staff, who has the right to claim all the perks and benefits on top of her/his salary.

Does that make sense? Most of the time, people interchange these two terms and get confused with the term Virtual Assistant. This rings us to the questions, why A Virtual Assistant and why not a Virtual Employee.

  • Virtual Assistants are always experienced business professionals. They’re well equipped with technology, skills and talents. Virtual Employees come with experience and non-experience. Some times, you need to train even the experienced virtual employees to do certain tasks that they’re unaware of.

  • Virtual Assistants are your Business Partners (without claiming a share in profits). They treat your business as their own. This is the basic ground rule for becoming a Virtual Assistant. Unless, you treat your client’s business as your own, you cannot grow your own business and every VA knows this before becoming a successful Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant studies your business from the scratch and then helps you take step-wise actions to take your business to the next level. A Virtual Employee just follows your instructions and completes the tasks. She/he is not able to guide in the right directions to succeed in your online/offline business.

  • Virtual Assistants bill their time only for the productivity. That means, the VA’s hourly rate doesn’t include lunch time, coffee breaks, vacation time and other benefits. Whereas for a virtual employee, you have to pay for their unproductive hours too.

  • As I said earlier, All Virtual Assistants are experienced in their niche. But, when you hire a Virtual employee, you need to instruct them constantly and always need to have an eye on them to do the things exactly as you expect.

  • Professional Virtual Assistants upgrade their skills to be on the top in their market and always have a keen desire to learn new skills that will help your business. But, if you want your virtual employee to learn a new skill, you need to pay the cost of the new training program/skill.

  • Virtual Assistants are always looking for long-term working relationships. You can use the service of a VA only in need. But, virtual employee has a little interest in the employer’s business as she/he’s working for the monthly salary.

  • Professional Virtual Assistant will help you execute your unique ideas quickly to achieve the expected results and thereby grow your business faster. But, a Virtual employee always waits for your instructions to proceed further on the given tasks.

  • When you’re hiring a Professional Virtual Assistant you’re investing in your business growth. But, when you’re hiring a Virtual Employee it’s your business cost.

Now you need to decide whether you want to use a Virtual Assistant (who is also a virtual business owner) for growing your business or a virtual employee (who still need instructions to perform tasks) to take care of your daily admin chores.

image credit : FreeDigitalPhotos.Net